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Historically Low Medicare Advantage Premiums for 2021

Trump Administration Announces Historically Low Medicare Advantage Premiums ahead of the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period.

Ahead of the annual Medicare Open Enrollment, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that the average 2021 premiums for Medicare Advantage plans are expected to decline 34.2 percent from 2017 while plan choice, benefits, and enrollment continue to increase. The Medicare Advantage average monthly premium will be the lowest in 14 years, since 2007, for the over 26 million Medicare beneficiaries projected to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan for 2021.

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12 Factors That Put You At "Severe Risk" For COVID-19

There are many factors that put you at “severe risk” for COVID-19. Dr. Frank Civitarese, DO of Preferred Primary Care Physicians says obesity is one of them since it decreases lung expansion. Read this article to learn more about these risk factors.

Preferred Primary Care Physicians Leading the Way for "Drive In" Visits

Preferred Primary Care Physicians Leading the Way for Drive In Visits

Ella Baur of South Union Township receives a tablet from medical assistant Laura Grubbs to talk to Dr. Richard Cook II during her wellness visit Friday, April 24, 2020, at Physicians at Preferred Primary Care Physicians in Uniontown. Realizing that a large majority of their patients are elderly, don’t have smart phones or computers or are otherwise technology challenged, physicians in Uniontown have begun directing their patients to their new drive-in clinic. Patients can now drive up, and a healthcare work in protective clothing will hand them a sanitized tablet. Then the patient can use the clinic’s Wi-Fi from the safety of their car and talk to their doctor on the tablet. (Steph Chambers/Post-Gazette)